Playground at KFC Jalan Baru , Perai, Penang

July 03, 2017

Have a Good Day Everyone !

Since became a mom, I think most of the time that when I want to bring my son for outdoor activity or just a weekend hangout , I will think about places that he will enjoy, he most comfortable and of course not much hassle . 

The most fun and can be say an affordable place that I can think of a is playground ! yup ! whether is an indoor or outdoor, I think here in Malaysia we have so much free playground that we can bring our kids. 

And I decided to do a series of posts about Playground in my blog. This is the first post about it. Indoor Playground at KFC Jalan Baru , Perai, Pulai Pinang. It's opposite Mydin Bukit Mertajam. Just very near to Penang Bridge. 

This playground open 24 hours since this KFC are open 24 hours. It's have a large transparent glass window so that it's easier if we want to eat outside and observe our kids playing inside. It have various play such as slide, steering ,tunnel , stairs and spring horse. So let's enjoy all t my photos !

Looks like helicopter fan

Kids can see though that half sphere blue shape

That's my son, step on the stairs

This steering wheel that kids can pretend they are driving

My son again ! he really enjoying this playground


Spring horse

It's surround with big transparent glass 

Since it's indoor playground, kids can play in comfortable air-conditioned 

Lot's of places that parents can sit to observe kids

Photo of KFC Jalan Baru, Perai in Google Map


Hope this can help you out when you're finding a place to bring your kids !

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