My Harith Yusuf turn 35 Months today !

June 10, 2017

I think I should stop counting you in months by next month  because you are about 3 years ! 

Still love teddy bear but I guess now you only love your own teddy bear named 'Bi'. 
Not other teddy .

Still picky eater. Eat only if you are in the mood to eat .

Had your first own bike & ride by yourself this week ! tq tok mama for bycyle !

Love go to Masjid because can meet & play with other kids ! 

Your eczema still On & Off ( we try our very best to reduce it) But you are just a very strong boy! 

Thanks for making me more appreciate small little things that happen in our life.

& Thanks for just be there wherever I need someone to talk to 

Love you more then you know

Happy 35months, Harith Yusuf 

#harithyusuf #harithyusuf2y11m

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  1. Wah lagi sebulan nak 3tahun.semoga membesar dgn sihat ye. Dan menjadi anak yg soleh dan berjaya.

  2. Hihi...mesti mom dia tak sabar nak tunggu boboy ni 3 yo =)