Assalamualaikum Canvas Frame by OraCanvas

January 05, 2017

Hi all !
Still in the mood of the New Year? We pray all of you will always in a cheerful and blessed. 

Today in OraCanvas , we want to launch an exclusive design of OraCanvas! Still remaining element flower,  pink ,  black and white.
 Assalamualaikum seems to be special word  to every Muslim, right? Almost every day we would say it. Even to a friends, teachers, or bosses at work. So we took the initiative to create a frame ASSALAMUALAIKUM with design and original idea from ​​OraCanvas.

This frame is suitable to be place on the table, walls of the house, or even outside of the house or, inside office to greet those who come to our house or office.

Still maintain high quality printing, and material of the canvas. The price for this frame is only RM38.

 And! The most special, unique thing of OraCanvas is that you can custom or change color according to your own taste in any of our design with no extra charge!

For any order or details about this frame, please drop an email to or you can leave a comment here with details so I can directly contact you back.

Or, you can take a look to our FB & Instagram Page.

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  1. waa.. cantik nye !! dik.. boleh oder tulisan jawi tak untuk ASSALAMUALAIKUM tu ?