Pumps Heels and Comfort Tips

December 07, 2016

Heels! As I remember, my last time that I wear heels are few years ago. Before getting pregnant! I actually love to wear heels but sometime, heels are not really comfortable if you are wearing it for a long period. But recently I really want to get new heels for myself, and I found women's shoes pumps heels are not so bad if you really want to get a comfortable while wearing heels. So I look out some tips and advice in wearing pumps heels. 

Here are the tips and tricks that I definitely want to share with you!

So you love how your legs look amazing with pumps heels on but there’s only one problem. IT HURTS. Should you sacrifice your comfort for style? The simple answer is no. With this post, you’ll be happy to read about some care tips to make sure you can wear pumps heels all day long and hopefully end up without pain or discomfort.

1. If the shoe fits, you’re winning

Make sure you’re wearing the right shoe size. It’s very important for you to look out for various sizing options because different brands have different shoe makers and that also means different sizing variety. Watch out for width like narrow or wide options, half sizes and country conversions. If you’re shopping online, read the reviews and make sure they have a returns or exchange policy.

2. Check for heel thickness

Thinner heels means less for your feet to balance on and will apply much more pressure to the heel and balls of your feet. Sometimes, you’re going to need stilettos aka thin heeled pumps but don’t make it a habit unless you want to hurt your spine. For everyday wear, opt for a chunkier heel. This is why sometime we can see lots of women are wearing their pump heels everyday !

3. Watch the shoe sole

Thinner soles will let pressure to disperse entirely towards the center so it’s better to find pumps heels that have a platform. A platform will disperse the pressure evenly throughout your feet when you’re walking, making it less painful to strut in. This type of  pump heels also will make you more comfortable while wearing pump heels. 

4. Learn to walk in your heels

Remember, walk heel to toe. Put your best foot forward, heel touches the ground first and then counter with a steady pace and balance on your toes. This allows a more natural sway when you walk in those gorgeous pair of pumps heels.

5. Keep yourself steady

Confidence is key. It will make your heel-wearing experience less painful when you can pace yourself gracefully. Take small steps and don’t rush yourself. Keep practicing at home before you go out for a day in pumps heels. Lean backwards a little bit, not too much and imagine a straight line. Your mind helps lessen discomfort if you know how to trick it.

For a mother of two years old son like me, I think I will definitely walk more confident and comfortable in wearing women's shoes pumps heels!

All set and ready for a day out in pumps heels with these tricks! If you don’t have one, time to browse some gorgeous women’s shoes pumps heels online now and get yourself a pair.

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  1. Loved the shoes...For me, I always try to combine style and comfort.

  2. That is one thorough 101 info on walking in heels - thanks for the info! Might come in handy for my next 'trick or treat' event or whenever I feel like becoming Lady Gaga again to win the best dressed prices.

  3. oh ..the heels.. not relevant for me.. but good info.
    will follow u..nice blog