Nagore Road / Jalan Nagor - One of the list while you visit Penang !

November 18, 2016

Most of visitor who travel to Penang definitely will go to a very famous place like Batu Feringhi, Gurney Drive or Street in Georgetown. However, I think there is another one road definitely have it's own hidden attractive heritage. It is located around 5km from Penang Road.  Nagore Road or in Bahasa Malaysia Jalan Nagor has beautiful heritage shop lots, unique Cafe such as Piknik Everyday,Meet Up Grano De Cafe and Secawan n Such.

Beside that Jalan Nagor also have few interesting Street Art , colorful door, window and even tiles !

Here are some of photo of Nagore Road that I capture during my visit last week. Enjoy !

This road might be in your to do list while you visit Penang !

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  1. nice place to go.
    shall put on my list next time, few years no go Penang.

  2. Saya duduk Penang, tapi tak pernah nak explore tempat-tempat macam ni :D
    Balik cuti nanti boleh la kot.

  3. Next time can have a walk here, when I visit Penang! Thanks for sharing!