Children's Outdoor Playground at Publika , Solaris Dutamas, KL

September 06, 2016

I was in searching a great indoor or outdoor playground in KL area for my 2 years son,
and came across by this place. Publika Shopping Gallery or locally people just called as Publika. 

Coincidence it was a place that me and my friends planning to meet during that time so it was a good pleasure to me for bring my son to the playground. We manage to have a lunch at Ben’s General Food Store. Great place, nice food but it have a long queue until our turn to get our table there.

The banana pancake are very recommended for the dessert!

Okay, after food then now play time :) 

This playground located at 3rd floor and it’s an outdoor playground. You might think twice if want to bring your kids in a very sunny hot day because there is no roof there. However if the weather are not too hot it is a very comfortable because the playground are fully by grass floor. 

The playground looks like a futuristic concept and it’s very unique design, very difference from other playground.

My son are really enjoy it! 
Very recommended if your kids enjoy to play outdoor and get some sweat!

Publika Shopping Gallery Address
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, KL, Malaysia

Publika Shopping Gallery Facebook

Ben’s General Food Store Website

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  1. a must visit place whenever we go Publika. nice that they have a free playground there

  2. yeah! I saw this playground too when I went to Publika! ain't a bad choice to bring kids for brunch to restaurant which has an outdoor playground! :)

  3. The food looks tantalizing and it's so much perfect to have playground so that children would be at least disciplined when dining hehe

  4. The banana pancake looks really good dear. Didn't really know that publika had the outdoor playground as well, now will certainly bring my nephew and niece the next time we head on over. Thanks for the share!

  5. The first photo already make me drooling. The chicken look so tender.

  6. my bestie is a banana pancake lover. will definitely bring her over to the place!

  7. Gosh! the food photos bring me happiness! Kids will enjoy it so much too.