Breastfeeding Stories

November 03, 2015

Every mom & baby have a different story of their journey. For me, I felt very glad that until now, my baby is 1 year and 3 months, I'm still capable to breastfeed him. Although now he is not fully breastfeed because he already eat solid food and sometime I will top up with Formula Milk. But when he is with me I will directly feed him.

For me, breastfeeding is a special bonding with mom and their baby, but I'm not saying that who can't or don't want to breastfeed  don't have any special bonding, but, It's kind of different way of how you and your baby can be together in such ways.

Knowledge is very important if you want to start your journey in breastfeed, start early as you can, maybe when your pregnant, then you can actually collect information and ask for other's experience.

Direct breastfeeding and pumping is very different things. Some of moms are very lucky that can only direct feeding, no need to pump, store , heat and give to the babies. This is where your knowledge about breastfeeding is very very important.

As in my last post, I got share my experience using Lacte Breastpump to pump when I'm not with my baby. Can view it here : ) That's my review of my current brand that I use to pumping.

I will try to compose & sharing my breastfeeding journey from the day my baby born until now. 
Soon . :)

Just come in mind just now when I want to update my blog, then I saw this advertisement in my blog ! . It's like I'm happy and excited because this is effort  & initiative from our Government to support breastfeeding.

The official website is

Please please go to this website because there are a lots of information that can collect.

The special about this website is we can also read breastfeeding journey from famous blogger in Nuffnang ! There are 10 different stories from different blogger.

Please, If we want to start breastfeeding, knowledge is a must ! Me myself also still keep finding more information about breastfeeding . You can do it mom !

Happy Breastfeeding !

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