R&R Bagan Ajam, Butterwoth, Penang

November 01, 2015

It's about time ! I'm so excited to bring my baby back to he beach since his last visit when he was 5 months! on that time, he seems like not really like the beach sand haha 
Now he already 1 year 3 months, I'm more excited to watch his expression !

Foot free day 

Finger and sand experiment

I think he going to start loving the beach!

Get used to it :)

By time we go , there have kayak  but not offer any of service or they might prepare for an event.

I think Harith start to enjoying beach, i will bring he more often !

By the way R&R Bagan Ajam have a lot's facilities that we can enjoy include variety of foods, surau, bath & changing room and also people selling mostly kids stuff nearby beach. It's very suitable for whole family to enjoy :)

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