Taman Tasik Taiping - Lake Gardens, Taiping, Perak

November 16, 2015

Just one night short trip get away to my home town, Bukit Merah, to visit my cousin at Hospital who recently have some operation. Glad that now his recovering :)

I’m fully utilized the time that I had there to go Taman Tasik Taiping also know as Taiping Lake Garden.

Taiping Lake garden is a  famous on its weather , the relaxing feeling just when arrive here. There are about  64 hectares (160 acres) - 10 man-made scenic  lakes and ponds distributed throughout the gardens.
Created and was established as a public garden in 1880 by Charles Compton Reade.

Very breeze fresh air, love the weather there and  So much of childhood memories !

On my way from Bukit Merah to Taiping, Paddy field !

Enjoying his time on playground

Leaf experiment haha

He is just like around 1 month that able to walk. And know his start to running ! 

We are really enjoying here but just like we have a very limit time. 
Hope can always have a short trip get away at here ! 

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