Logos Hope in Penang !

October 16, 2015


This ship I’ve was awaited so long to come in Penang! Last year this ship came but I dint get a chance to go. So for this time, I will not waste it. 

Logos Hope returning to Penang! Yeah! From 4 – 27 September at  Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal. It’s a world’s largest floating book fair with 5000 title of books at affordable price. 

Some special about this ship that I can highlight are the crew member of this ship are from 55 diverse countries and cultures, where we can see different people from other country in our own state!

On top of that, with just pay RM1 for entrance on Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal, and Rm1 on Logos Hope, its just all worth it. 

The books that they are offers also come in lots of range, from kids, adult, healthy and even book of recipes. For me it’s like a little MPH / Popular in a ship.

Visitor Experience deck is also nice experience that we can get inside Logos Hope, like we can push the start engine of the ship, and control it . 

On exit area, there is a some interactive display, play area for kids, and Logo Hope also offer their own International Café for public.

It was a good experience for me and my whole family, beside can look for the books, we actually can experience inside the ship!

Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal

Way from Terminal to Logos Hope
Opening Hours & Entrance Fee

There you go ! Logos Hope returning to Penang !
My Familia
Very unique. They are using 100 units = RM10 so that's mean if the book' price is 120 units it's mean RM12 . Easy to convert it since they go to others countries as well

Lot's of choices

From kids to adult

Kids play area- Harith & Daddy

Found new friend!

Logos Hope

And off we go back :)

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