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Name List of Win Calendar 2017 Frame in Contest Giveaway !

Thanks for those who participated ! Never expected a lots of list in my contest !

After checking one by one of the list for following all my terms, almost all followed, just few maybe I miss out whether you all follow me though Blogger or Google+. And some link that you provided for repost back are non-found.

However ...Hopefully all the name list here being honest ya :)

I will choose TWO person by, and the prize are very special,  from my own OraCanvas, which is OraCanvas specialize in custom design printed frame .

See what you'll be going to win here

*After received prize; Calendar 2017 Frame -Winner need to publish 1 entry in blog or social media about winning this contest

So, Here's all the Name List who already participated. :)…

Happy 3rd Birthday my Harith Yusuf !

10 July 2017, My Harith Yusuf turn 3 !!

I got lot's of wishes for you, but just kept it and just want to let you know at this moment, I just want the best from the best in the world for you.

Playground at KFC Jalan Baru , Perai, Penang

Have a Good Day Everyone !

Since became a mom, I think most of the time that when I want to bring my son for outdoor activity or just a weekend hangout , I will think about places that he will enjoy, he most comfortable and of course not much hassle . 
The most fun and can be say an affordable place that I can think of a is playground ! yup ! whether is an indoor or outdoor, I think here in Malaysia we have so much free playground that we can bring our kids. 
And I decided to do a series of posts about Playground in my blog. This is the first post about it. Indoor Playground at KFC Jalan Baru , Perai, Pulai Pinang. It's opposite Mydin Bukit Mertajam. Just very near to Penang Bridge. 
This playground open 24 hours since this KFC are open 24 hours. It's have a large transparent glass window so that it's easier if we want to eat outside and observe our kids playing inside. It have various play such as slide, steering ,tunnel , stairs and spring horse. So let's enjoy all t…