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Kid Friendly Barbershop and Haircut in Seberang Jaya, Penang

I think it's time to get my son's hair cut since now he is very hard in letting other people especially me to wash and comb his hair ! So this is the best solution I guess . But getting his hair cut also are another difficult situation where normally he crying non stop and try to avoid the barber to cut his hair. But by hook or by crook, I need to get his hair done. 

So for this time, I choose to cut his hair at Sinkey Barbershop where the owner and barber himself  is my husband's friends. So I hope when my son are crying i'm not feel so awkward like previous barber haha

This is my son, Harith Yusuf before and after cut hair :)

And this is my son with my husband's friends who done my son's hair ! Thanks Uncle Sinkey who treat my son while he crying so hard while me and my husband takes turn cuddle him while doing your job ! Excellent ! 

For those who want to try, this Barbershop are so kids friendly ! Recommended to parents who want to get your child hair done, or …
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