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My Wonderful Amazing Breastfeeding Journey Almost Going to End Soon

I think this journey almost going to end soon. Real soon. I didn't change my routine, pump twist a day, direct latch when with my baby. But the result that I have after pump are getting less and less. My baby also refuse to direct latch anymore.. Maybe he know that he already big boy now.
Mostly my friends said that I need to stop pumping already because now is the best time to wean off. But.. I think i'm not ready yet. Just really miss those moment that you are attach with me in very special kind of love.
But I need to be strong and move on ..
I really going to miss this wonderful amazing experience . Since you are day 1 until now, 2 years 1  month !

Giveaway Dan Pencarian Bloglist by Jepun Mari

This is first time I'm joining this kind of contest. 
I came across when blogwalking one of my follower, so I saw this. Just try my luck, why not :)

For those who also want to join, still can, this contest are on 18 August 2016 - 23 September 2016 . 

Please visit for more info.

Happy Bornday my dearly 2 years son , Harith Yusuf !

*Throwback on last 10 July 2016

And so I bought cake for my 2 years son. Its just a simple yet so memorable for 3 of us.

Happy Bornday Harith Yusuf !!

2 years back this time mommy so nervous not sleep at all because on next morning doctor will take you out from my womb  !

Love you endlessly my dear son!

My Harith Yusuf are already 2 years 1 Month !

Having a toddler in your house means you need to get ready anytime with full of energy and no time to rest or continue sleeping in a such of cloudy weather ~

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