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How to Change Entire Fonts in Microsoft Power Point at Once

How to change entire fonts in Microsoft Power Point at once. Because I found it very useful, so decided want to share with all. Before this if I want to change fonts in my slide of Microsoft Power Point, I just do it one by one, but actually we can just  replace all the fonts to different fonts with just a simple step!

Step 1 : Find Replace in Home

Step 2 : Click on Replace, and it will show drop down menu

Step 3 : Click on Replace Fonts...

Step 4 : Just choose your new fonts that you want to replace with . Easy ! 

Mix of Material Mental Ray & Environment studies in 3ds Max

My Artwork on using 3Ds Max software  and Mix of Material Mental Ray & Environment studies.

Happy Mothers Day !

Happy Mothers Day to myself ! 

And to all Mothers especially My Lovely Mama . This year are my second day celebrating as a mom!

Thanks Harith Yusuf, you made me a mom and teach me how to be a mom  :)

Isra Mi'raj A Meaningful Journey

Isra' is the night journey of Prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW from Masjidil Haram to Masjidil Aqsa

Mi'raj where Prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW journey to Sidratul Muntaha to meet Allah 

The word Isra is referred to as "walking in night" and the root word of Miraj is Arooj which means; "going to a higher place". During this blessed night, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) journeyed to sky level to meet Allah (Glorious is He), and for this particular reason in Islamic history this journey is recognized to be as "The night of Isra and Miraj.


For more interesting details

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