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Reached 20,000 + Total Pageviews !

Hi there !

When I checking up my blog today, i just realize my Total Page view today reached 20k plus ! yeay !!
I know maybe for some people 20k are just a small number, but for me 20k are already big number plus it is from around the world !
You all are my inspiration to write and share more in my blog :)
Thank you for reading my blog &  thank you for following me !

Multimedia Design Graduation Exhibition - REF5ESH

Pround to present one of my students Graduation Exhibition !

REF5ESH is another exciting Multimedia Design Graduation Exhibition from The One Academy Penang.  It will be showcasing 5 Multimedia Design students from class 1308.

Launching Ceremony will be held on this Saturday, 17 Dec 2016 at 1.30 pm. While Exhibition Week will be on 18 - 23 Dec 2016, 10am - 5pm. It is located at The One Academy Exhibition Hall.

Here's their Facebook Official Page

It's open to public, so come in drop by if you are art & new media enthusiasm ! 
See you there !

Pumps Heels and Comfort Tips

Heels! As I remember, my last time that I wear heels are few years ago. Before getting pregnant! I actually love to wear heels but sometime, heels are not really comfortable if you are wearing it for a long period. But recently I really want to get new heels for myself, and I found women's shoes pumps heels are not so bad if you really want to get a comfortable while wearing heels. So I look out some tips and advice in wearing pumps heels. 
Here are the tips and tricks that I definitely want to share with you!

So you love how your legs look amazing with pumps heels on but there’s only one problem. IT HURTS. Should you sacrifice your comfort for style? The simple answer is no. With this post, you’ll be happy to read about some care tips to make sure you can wear pumps heels all day long and hopefully end up without pain or discomfort.

1. If the shoe fits, you’re winning

Make sure you’re wearing the right shoe size. It’s very important for you to look out for various sizing options beca…

Monochrome Edition - Islamic Calligraphy & Quote by OraCanvas

OraCanvas is one of my passion to do. I love designing & get involve in printing. Furthermore I love to see house more beautiful with my canvas frame. It's modern and easy to match with any color of your house.

For this Monochrome Edition -Islamic Calligraphy & Quote by OraCanvas, There is 5 exclusive Bismillah design Black & White.

Material that we use are Artcanvas and with high printing resolution. High quality & not easy to fade.

For framing we use Wood Stretch Canvas, where printing artwork will be wrapping wood frame.

For this 1st edition, here are the 5 designs with size  17 x 6 inch and with price RM55!

Please be free to contact me at ora.adzlin@gmail for any inquiries or check out OraCanvas Facebook Page & Instagram.

Nagore Road / Jalan Nagor - One of the list while you visit Penang !

Most of visitor who travel to Penang definitely will go to a very famous place like Batu Feringhi, Gurney Drive or Street in Georgetown. However, I think there is another one road definitely have it's own hidden attractive heritage. It is located around 5km from Penang Road.  Nagore Road or in Bahasa Malaysia Jalan Nagor has beautiful heritage shop lots, unique Cafe such as Piknik Everyday,Meet Up Grano De Cafe and Secawan n Such.

Beside that Jalan Nagor also have few interesting Street Art , colorful door, window and even tiles !

Here are some of photo of Nagore Road that I capture during my visit last week. Enjoy !

How to Get a Diapers Drypers for Free !

It's been around 1 year that I've been signed up to Drypers Baby Club member. It's always free when you sign up, and I love it so much because you can also collect point each time you bought Drypers and turn into point  that you can redeem exclusive gift that they are offer. Drypers also always keep updating the gift that we can redeem. 

One more thing that I just discover from the website is, we can ask Drypers for free ! Yes it's totally free. Just some of the terms are we only allowed with a total of 4 sample requests over a 2 - year period.

Here I share the simple step of How to Get a  Drypers for Free !

First direct to & of course you need to sign up , but don't worry, It's very short & simple process. 

After Signed Up, Scroll down and you can see button image state 'Get FREE Sample'. Click on that.

Then you will be reading their Terms. Click on Continue

Next you can select which type & size your baby are using that…
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