Penang Science Café Launched !

It's been great opportunity to attend the Penang Science Cafe was launched on last 5th December 2015. It is  locate at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, No. & 17, Pengkalan Weld & Gat Lebuh China, George Town, 10300 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

The Penang Science Café is a social space for building a vibrant community of science.  It serves as a catalyst to Engage, Educate, Inspire and Connect people, in the pursuit of innovation. 

The Penang Science Café aims to promote new levels of social interaction in science and new ways of thinking, encourage inquiry, discovery and hands-on exploration in a multi-sensory environment ,be a space for learning and networking to construct ideas from concept to reality
seed & grow and connect future technologists and entrepreneurs

The Penang Science Café is an initiative by the Penang State Government, led by Keysight Technologies, supported by the Penang Science Cluster.

On the day The Penang Science Café was launched, students from secondary school & college were participant on science project. Lots of creative idea been show to public !

Offer E-Magazine in iPad

Transparent kitchen

Signature Board 

Penang Science Cafe  - Progress Timeline

Penang Science Cafe  - Historical Years

Smart Irrigation System - Smart way to water your plant

Robotic house train

Controlled robot

Visitor visit on the exhibition

The sword can view 'Hi' if hold and move fast

Visitor try out 3D spelling education game

Launched by Chief Minister of Penang

Chief Minister of Penang visit participants 

Some of the visitors

View from inside

 Penang Science Café Official website


FiSh. ohFISHiee said…
wow it seems so interesting! Penang really has loads of good stuff like this. i wanna try too
Bearhy Hui Ying said…
wow!!! Cool cafe!!! I love science, I like to go Our Pusat Sains Negara!!
Trislynn Chan said…
So many special cafe in Penang.
4 days 3 nights for a penang trip is not enough for me /.\
i want to do some cafe hunting
Pretty interesting place for science students and all those who love to know more about science I am sure.....
Kylie wenn said…
A great place to hang around when going to Penang now.. Thanks for sharing!
Emily said…
This is a great concept, especially for students. I bet I have a lot to learn to if I were to visit.
Low Sze Shin said…
Such a special hang out place!
Not only it's meaningful, it's educational as well :)
Miss Ika said…
It look interesting. As Ika lived in Penang. I will come and visit when have free time
Wing Ng said…
Very creative concept! For sure, it is a interesting place for student. Thanks for sharing!
Ivy Kam said…
Great effort to encourage more youth into the science world, bravo!
Rawlins GLAM said…
Certainly a great place to bond with kids while gaining knowledge.
will visit this cafe when i visit Penang. Want to try their food . Wondering the food nice or not as did not been review at here?
GengQian said…
wohoo another place to go to in Penang! thanks for sharing this.
Sharon Lee said…
Cool concept! Science is really a interesting subject to learn and play with =D
Janice Yeap said…
another interesting place that i can visit in future when I'm in penang. thank you for sharing this :D
Sin Yee said…
Awww... I missed this! Went to Penang on 10th Dec. If I know earlier, I can visit it that time.
Isaac Tan said…
penang science cafe? wah.. will check it out the next time i'm back at my hometown.
Misz Aein said…
Wow. really science-ish and high tech looking cafe. Another list to be added on my next Penang trip. :D
Anfield Yee said…
WOW! This is more atas than our Pusat Sains Negara lolol! Great place for students to learn about science.
Wilson Ng said…
I think this is a very good concept and there are many cafes opening in penang now.
Sunshine Kelly said…
Wow this is super cool, I am going to drop by Penang Science Cafe on my next trip.
Leona Lim said…
this is really interesting, i imagine my kids would just love to hang out there a lot

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