Take a walk to Heritage site in Georgetown, Penang !

It’s been very great experience to walk into this Heritage area, although that I stay here in Penang, but I seldom get chance to walk into this Heritage area.  Georgetown, Penang
has known as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site on 7th July 2008 so why not taking a chance to look what your own place special is about.

Here’s some of the photo that I took from walking into those Heritage site, mostly in Armanien Street, Acheh Street, Carnarvon Street, Chulia Street, Victoria Street and Weld Quay.

Oh I love Penang !


Unknown said…
Do you know about the Hin Bus Art Depot too?
Tim Powell said…
Another amazing place is the "Art Garden". Check it out on Facebook :-)
Tim Powell said…
Whilst I am suggesting things also try "thomaspowellartist" on Facebook or just #thomaspowellartist. Good luck!! :-)
ora adzlin said…
yes, I've been there couple times, one of it I've wrote here too :)


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